I found the craziest thing last night, it was a metallic sphere about a foot in diameter, smooth to the touch. it was obviously metal, but it was literally light as a feather.

It made a low humming sound, and when I tried to bring it into my house, the electronics, namely the lights started flipping out. Flicking on and off at spastic rates. It was somewhat frightening, but it wasn't too big a deal, so I just left it in my backyard and went out and nabbed it this morning. Its got these weird glyphic symbols on the side, I wish I could read this shit.

I'm debating on whether or not to show anyone It, It's really odd, the way it doesn't just sit there on the ground, it looms. The glyphs seem to glow sometimes, but it's so random and spontaneous I never can catch it and observe it. I feel like maybe I should try and get in contact with some museums or some sort of scientific groups, to get some professional opinions on it, but honestly, I wouldn't mind just keeping it to myself, so it's always mine, no one else deserves to see it except me anyway, I found it. Its mine...


I've been having weird dreams. About what it is, I don't know, it looks as if you're looking into ancient Egypt through a hated pharaoh's eyes. You just sit there and stare at the subjects, knowing very well they are plotting a rebellion against you. I have so much to tell, but to who? They would call me crazy, they would all call me crazy. Soon, someone is bound to ask, I will try to keep my self silent; but ultimately fail. I can't keep a secret forever. I share one too many thoughts with the outsiders, they will eventually envison the realism of my mind, and lock me away. No...not while at home, where I am safe.


I don't think I can take it much longer. The strength of the sphere is getting much too strong for me. It's now too heavy to carry, even in a backpack. The electronics all around the neighborhood are going crazy because of the sphere. I really wish I had the guts to tell someone but, they would lock me up in a white room with padded walls and white floors, like a mad man. I dont want to try any more. It's just too powerful. Maybe if I tie this rope around my neck... yes... I think that will relieve my stress, and set me free....


I don't know how long ago I lost consciousness. I just have the same two problems running through my head.

"Where am I?" and, "Is this hell?"

The last thing I remember is tying the rope to the sphere and the bright red glowing of the glyphs...

Maybe the sphere is a gateway to some other world. I don't even know anymore...


I...I finally decited to throw this damn sphere away. That thing is messing with me.

I've been going crazy since I took that god damn sphere. I'm going to throw it away tomarrow.


I tried throwing it away today but everytime I do it ends up in my room.

I have the feeling that I am becoming a slave to the untapped power that lies within.

Am I the puppet of some supernatural entity? Who am I to tell? For now I can assume this sphere is definitely not of this world.


I'm starting to hear voices.

At first they're low and quiet, but after a few minutes they raise to an incredibly high pitch. It hurts, and I can't understand what they are saying. I'm not sure, but I think they may be speaking in the language that is written on the Sphere, the glyphs, it just sounds so strange and inhuman. I woke up this morning and I swear my room felt like it was crowded with hundreds of people, all talking in that bizarre tongue. It's quiet right now, very quiet, i'm expecting them. It's getting late, but they'll be back...the voices will return.


The voices....I know what they're saying now. I know what they are talking. They are talking of the future. The future, it is dark, it is cold, I am going completley crazy. They sound like a teacher's fingernails on a chalkboard, so demonic, SO F***ING MESSED UP. Please..stop....please....stop....They want me...they want to take contrrrol...oofff....meeeeee.....


A note has been found in a room.

"We wanted him. We controlled off him."


After reading the note, We found a object we think was mentioned in this log. As we put it in our car, to transport it to the station, our sirens started going off, and my partner keeps swearing he's seeing something. As we drive, I sit writing this, and In case I don't make it back, Leave this sphere alone... He's here...

Police Report

Officer N. Gladidksi

The two officers (Roberts, and Estives) never made it back last night.

After an investigation of a dissapearnace of a young man', the two officers cheked in at 3:16 PM talking about finding a spherical Object and have not been heard from since. Shall investigate farther.

For now, Missing persons report filed for the two Mentioned officers.

Puting out a search party tonight.

This better not be some sick prank. If i find out they are fucking with me I'll have their asses Desked before they can make another chuckle.

Monday April 1 7:15 AM

Police Recorder Monday April 1 8:05 PM

Officer R. Himeric

"We came across the missing sqaud car,plowed into the wellcome sign at the city limits. I don't know why they would be out here. me and Evans are going to surround it,not taking any chances if they're still in there."

Officer K. Evans

"Of course he makes me take the right side,with the way the crash looks the driver is more likely to be injured. HOLY S**T!"*gunshots are heard*the sound of the two officers breathing heavily*car door slams* K."FLOOR IT" R."Oh god,the bastard knows how to drive."*more gunshots are heard*the sound of a car crashing* K."You still alive?"*no answer*car door opens*the sound of someone panting*a loud thud is heard* K."s**t!"*the sound of bones being crushed*

Police Report Tuesday April 2 12:34 PM

Officer T. Ruberto

We found their bodies this morning,Himeric died when one of his ribs punctured his heart when they crashed. The first time I saw evans though,lets just say I was glad I hadn't eaten yet,the only injurys that could've happened during the crash was a shattered skull,that dosen't explain how he got ten yards from the crash site though. His chest cavitiy was cut open by a large blade,we checked with manufacturers and the wounds don't match with any blade.The heart was removed but all the other organs were left in place,his arms and legs were chopped off and scattered across the ground. If we've got a cult here that's killing officers then I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask for a transfer. I just found the recorder,I'm on my way back to the station with it.

Police Report Wednesday April 3 8:54 AM

Officer R. Mao

We have had reports of oddities all over city. People have been found dead with no sign of what may of killed them, most of which seem to be with the same large blade marks we found yesterday. We believe something other-wordly is on this planet, and it plans to kill us all. We found the sphere, and it did not make us feel or see anything weird. The entities contained must be gone, for now, sent out to kill everyone on Earth.

Police Report Wednesday April 3 12:21 PM

Officer R. Mao

Our forces are stretched thin, but one of the patrols found a recorder in the house of Mr. Jackson, with the following: *Cocking of an unknown weapon* Mr. J: "Alright, you've found me. Now come out the shadows, and show me what you truly are." Unknown: "The human mind may not comprehend what is to be seen here." Mr. J: "I don't care what I can and can't comprehend, just get out of the f***ing shadows right f***ing now." Unknown: " Your swearing does you no credit to your race, but if I must, then I shall be forced to kill you." Mr. J: "Ha, kill me? This gun is 50. calibre and it can stop anything in it's tracks. Now get out of the shadows, you bastard, before I have to make you come out." Unknown: "As you wish." Mr. J: "Oh. My. God. Too anyone who may find this, do not look for them. What you will find cannot be stopped, and what cannot be stopped must not be tampered with. If you retain your mind, leave the city immediately. For this power is Death its self, and the Abomination could turn any man insane within an instant." *Sounds of flesh being chopped* *Screams* *Laughing*. We found this next to the body of Mr. Jackson, his mangled body with a large slash across the chest like from the officers. This is getting out of hand. I'm leaving.

Police Report Wednesday October 31 6:54 PM

Officer R. Mao

I found this comnputer log in an abandoned house, I dont know wha't to think.

'This is Noah Evans. If your reading this, I'm long gone, or, the OBJECT has been found. Either way, I'm most likely dead or trapped inside the OBJECT. Anyways, if it is ever activated, the only way to seal it is by spilling a pure person's blood on THE ALTAR. THE ALTAR is in the old church, you know, the one no-one goes in anymore? Yeah that one. Anyways, after that, YousdjmkkksjfjksjvjITSAGOODDAYTODIEhsfjhhITSAGOODDAYTODIEjjnajdknkITSAGOODDAYTODIEkmmakmklITSAGOODDAYTODIE.'

Police Report Thursday November 1 7:25 PM

Officer R. Mao

On closer inspection of the house, we found what we think was Noah Evans. We're not sure how he died yet, since he has no marks on his body, and there doesn't seem to be any sign of a struggle. What concerns me is that we found Mr. Evans in his basement, which was locked from the outside. The computer was in a room on the floor above.

Police Report Thursday November 8 1:00 AM

Detective H. Johnson

This case is becoming worldwide. The murders are spread throughout the United States now, and killings of the same type are becoming frequent in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. We are working with security forces of the said countries and homeland security has increased. Unfortunately, Officer R. Mao was found dead in the church, and all previous documentations of this case were destroyed. On the wall, scribbled in a red texture believed to be blood, was: "FIND THE ALTAR". The main suspect, Noah Evans, was believed dead, but his body has vanished, along with the strange metal object.

  • The Next Day*

"In other news, the Police all around the world are still baffled about the killings. A suspect has yet to be identified. A clue has been found, however, about the Altar. Police have no idea what is or was the Altar nor where to find it. Noah Evans was claimed dead with a note on his computer explaining they need to find the Altar." The Reporter announced. "We recomend that you leave the city with all of your loved and find a rural area to find saftey, Police will solve this case as soon as possible. The killer is at large and any news about him or her is very valued. DO NOT challenge him or her if you find him or her. Call the Police and they will be on the scene to...." The lights went out. A loud scream was heard and an audible thud. The lights came back on, the repoter was sitting in her chair with a large slash through her chest.

November 9, 2006 10:00 PM Detective John Parks

Yesterday we found my best friend, Hector Johnson who had hung himself off his 67th floor apartment with his INNARDS. At the scene of the crime, we found a journal with all pages gone. The strange thing was, it looked as if if there was writing in it. I don't mean "essay grade penmanship" I mean it looked as if he had been writing with some sort of blade. On his bathroom wall, we found a message out of blood. it read,"the alter does not control us. the altar is purgatory. the altar is you." We took a DNA test on the blood, and found out it wasn't hector's, it was another organism. It contained plant cells, strange enough. I never was a fan of little toyshop of horrors. In the apartment, we also found a sphere object with starnge powers. wait, it's opening... i can see(the rest has been smeared out with blood) You look in the back of the journal. a strange drawing lies there. it looks as if this had taken time, instead of the seconds before Parks had died. Now you cant help but look at the strange sounds that have been coming from the apartment's bathroom...

December 3, 2006 12:00 AM Detective Mark Hoffman

I am the last remaining detective alive. I found John Parks dead in the station with a blade stuck in his head. Also I found a note where he was killed it said "Check the place where the sphere was first found, Hoffman. I think I might have found the Altar. I also found the dead body of the man who first found that F**KING sphere. I found the Altar in the place where the sphere was first found. It turns out that the mans name was Tom Cross. I found this liquid in his house it looked like it was Hydrofluric Acid. But it was really blood. I had an encounter with the thing that was killing everyone. I shot it but it didn't do anything. I ran away holding and carrying the altar with me. That thing is after me, i can tell it. There is 1 way to defeat it. Its Dynamite...

December 9th, 2006, 4:17 AM, NCDA Soldier Jeff Hargins, Location: Wal-Mart Parking Lot

Dear diary,

This thing is following me and I see no way to kill it. My rifle is ineffective, grenades barely harm it, and most if not all of my comrades were found dead, impaled on their bayonets and their organs burned. My team found a detective by the name of Mark Hoffman found dead in a Wal-Mart parking lot with severe burn wounds and his brain popped out from what looks like a blunt force traumatic injury to the skull. We are keeping this thing locked down at a bridge and from Hoffman's diary, we know to blow up the bridge with TNT. I hope I get out of here alive, The NCDA haven't seen ANYTHING like this before!

January 18th, 2007, 6:17 PM NCDA Soldier Jackson Short, Location: The Bridge

I found my best friend Jeff Hargins dead and impaled with 100 Blades with a blood note that said "Jackson, blow up the TNT on the bridge while that thing is still on it". I found out that the thing is Zalgo. I blew it up while I could. I think Zalgo was on it but I don't know if he was. I need to find out if he was on it because i sure as hell don't want to die like the others. No one has died recently. I think he was on the bridge. I have the Altar, but I still need to activate it. Maybe it will ressurect all the people who died. If I die I need you to activate it. YES, you! your name is (falls over)

January 27, 2007, 9:27 PM, NCDA Soldier Jack Bawyer, Location: Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Bawyer's Log:

Day 7:

I am writing this to keep my sanity. Regardless of my training, I need all the help I can get . Apparently, an NCDA soldier's worst nightmare, Zalgo is the thing we're fighting! more of the Australian unit is dead, the normal soldiers impaled on their bayonets, and the officers with 100 razor blades in their chest cavity. I am trying my best to survive this, but it's not working too well. I think i hear something coming! I have my magnum, but I don't think it's enough. To whoever sees this, we may lose here but don't lose hope! There's always a chance! I may die here, but there is more of us. Jack Bawyer

Feburary 17th, 2007, 9:28 AM NCDA Soldier Jackson Short, Location: The Bridge remains

I found Zalgo and Jack Bawyers Dead bodies near The Bridges Remains. He died a soldier, but atleast Zalgo is dead. The Altar was destroyed but so was the object. And everyone who was killed is alive again and we are all happy that everyone is alive (Everyone except Zalgo). Hell i even made friends with Hoffman and Mao. Even Jacks alive again and he is happy. I am going to mutilate Zalgos Dead Body (yay). Well, i am going to stop writing now, goodbye.

December 21, 2012, 12:00 AM, NCDA Soldier Mack Thompson, Location: NCDA Headquarters, Washington D.C

Midnight patrol, seems a little bleak I think. But if I want to provide for my family, it's the best I can do. My team found someone down by the river with severe burn wounds and it's brain popped out, but still alive! Luckily, we had some anthaestetics on hand and brought the poor thing to the hospital where it later died. NCDA command arranged for the body to be examined later. The quick autopsy my team's medic gave seems to match that of Mark Hoffman; a detective found dead during something that involved zalgo of all things! We thought zalgo had been killed during a bridge explosion, but I guess we were all wrong! I hope I'm not next, it seems to have a pattern of who to kill...

December 21, 2012, 2:00 PM, Soldier John Pearce, Location: Washington D.C., NCDA Headquarters Log entry #1

We have found something interesting with this, a pattern of sorts. But It knows we know, it's already killed most of them it won't get me, no way man, I am out. It's got the other guys freaked out too, but what can I do? I'm stuck on guard duty, not knowing what to expect, what I'll hear, or anything of the sort. Mack contacted me, but when I arrived to check out what he had reported, I found him, eyes gouged out and some kind of opening in the back of his head. Could it involve Zalgo? Hold on, someone is knocking on the door, i have to go check it out.

December 21, 2012, 2:49 PM, NCDA Soldier Thompson Buerette, Location: NCDA Outpost Jacksonville, Florida

My team has found numerous bodies floating in the St. Lawrance River. The nearby Orange Park has been evacuated. It seems the world is falling apart! I think the mayans were right about the world ending this year. It appears all the computers in the world are leaking out all the famous Creepypastas and we don't have enough men to fight back! Price just got killed by Cupcakes Pinkie Pie, and Jeff The Killer is in a knife fight with Marie. I can't take this job much more! I'm falling apart inside! if this is the end, tell my family I love them.

Today. We stand. My name is herald syfan. I am a leaked creation, I could blow up a planet, I have so much power to defeat them. But I need an outlet! Someone I could trust. I put my powers in this disc, it will blow up the planet. But if put in the right hands. It could save us all..

December 21, 2012, 11:59 PM

You know not who we are. You know not what we are. We are those who feed on fear itself. Syfan's power is now ours, and now... we shall make those who do not heed us pay dearly for their transgressions.

Shadows filter out of one of the few remaining active computers, which take form as tall slender creatures swathed in long black robes. The creepypastas brought to life scream as they are devoured by the spirits of fear. They stay, staring at what remains of the earth.

This is our world. We shall remain just beyond what you can see. We're always watching, always waiting. We shall return, and when that day comes... the world will drowned in never ending shadow.

The creatures vanish into a swirling mass of darkness, leaving behind only a dim memory of their existance in the world. What they released however, was far, far worse...

December 22, 2012 12:43 AM

Dread, oh what an awful feeling of dread. I can feel it watching and waiting for us in the darkness of night waiting at the edge of darkness. This is true fear. I can't take it I think I may go insane. Watching mocking us I feel as if I have no control of the situation. But why? why us? I don't understand why. I just looked at the clock It's only been an hour since this thing has shown up. We are stranded here by fear, fear of... well I'm not even sure but my gut tells me we should stay within the light. We here small whispers through the we cannot understand them they are there. We aren't sleeping tonight that's for sure.

December 22, 2012 1:00 AM

Well Roy was nearly killed last night he went near the Darkness he has huge lacerations on his stomach it's pretty gruesome thank God we are back in the city and the light. We are all staying with a friend so we will feel safer.

December 30, 2012 11:00 AM

The Darkness has gotten closer. Much closer. As well have the Creepypastas. Slenderman tried to get the friend we're staying with, Andrew, but I was able to scare him off with a giant Observer Symbol that I drew for such on occasion. Andrew was able to return the favor when the Rake almost got me when I fell asleep from exhaustion. When I looked outside, to see how close the Darkness had gotten (very close, by the way. Only about 100 feet from the city limits), I saw something that gave me a bit of hope. The director of Happy Appy, who is the most invincible human on Earth (or, what's left of it), had lost a few teeth and looked like he was starting to decompose. I realized that he was infected with the Victus-Somes disease from Self Preservation. But, it didn't make any sense. Why would he be infected if he was also a Creepypasta? Then it dawned on me. They were getting impatient. They didn't expect how long we could survive. The Victus-Somes disease, having the smallest amount of brain than any of them, must have decided that it wanted to kill something, and kill smoething now. This might mean that if we just manage to hold them off long enough, they will all just kill each other.

Still, even if the Pastas kill one other, that still leaves Zalgo, hiding deep in the Darkness, living in the Darkness, being the Darkness. And, it's only a day and a half until the New Year. And, when that happens, we're all fucked.

January 5,2013

God damnit what's happened all these creatures we are going to die. This creeping death is What is really bothering me I can't shake this feeling of dread Roy's died from his lacerations and wounds. I'm going to miss that fool... Enough of that I have to stay focused on survival. We've decided to move during the day and find a well lit area to sleep at night. We've loaded up on at least 50 gallons of gas so if we should run out we have a plentiful supply. This place has gone to hell in a hand basket. I wonder if it's happening anywhere else besides the U.S. I Hope not.

January 10, 2013

Hell... That's the only to describe this. I have a feeling we are going to die tonight. The fact that he's just watching me not anyone else is what really scares me. That creepy ass smile is enough to drive me insane. But then there is the pale face and those piercing eyes. I cannot sleep tonight. We need to make it to New York. I have heard despite what's going on they still have power in the city. But why are we being targeted? I don't understand these monsters and ghouls of the night they were in New York why travel all the way to Michigan? I hope it has nothing to do with me hopefully it's one of my friends. I know it sounds fucked up but I don't wanna die.I'm scatter brained I know but at the moment I'm terrified. But does it really matter it's my journal.

March 22, 2013

I Better prepare for the onslaught of creepypasta. Oh, weird, there's the 4' 11 Dark Grey ninja. He's Very fast, and he's strong. He told me he killed the Cupcakes Pinkie pie. Whut? Anyways, He gave me a recorder. this is how it went;

Ninja: your time has came, Evil one!

???: ?

[Ninja summons an Armsel protecta bulldog]

The next 4 minutes of the tape is composed of gunshots.

???: Argh, my spleen.....

Ninja: And now, to destroy you.

[Tape Ends]

"Wow, that's some hardcore sh*t" I shouted. Then, the ninja started saying "it's just a dream. Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP!!!

January 4, 1998

Wow. That was some dream I had there. Man, I should stop lucid dreaming a lot. Anyways, it turns out that it was a normal day, and Now my mom's Yelling at me to get up. Anyways, I'm throwing out that Sphere into the trash. That is the last time I read Pony fanfiction and Creepypasta. No More creepypasta for me.


Okay, so, it turns out that whatever was going on In my dream, was totally fake. I should have known that that Damn metallic sphere could give me the most f*cked up nightmares. Wherever it's going, it's certainly not My place.

About to end this shit forever, yours truely, Noah

Date and Author Unknown

Hey, I just found this really weird looking metal sphere in the garbage while I was rooting around in it to try to find some stuff for a science project. I'm going to take it home and see if I can figure out what it does.

Date and Author Unknown


June 5th 2014 CIA agent Riley Macpherson.

I loaded my M16 and ran down the seemingly endless hallway. The monster suckin in its green liquid while gurgling. I tripped and fell in it. And just before it's ugly mug caught up to me I fell. Just before it got me I woke up. "Dude what happened? My partner Jason asked. "I don't know what. It started in a room where A man was being interrogated. Then he broke out and turned into a monster.I then ran. I tripped over a rock and fell just as it caught up to me." I looked over my partners shoulder and it stood there watching me. Sucking up its green liquid.

July 4th 2014 CIA agent Fionna Hunter

CIA agent Riley Macpherson was found dead this morning. His partner Jason is still missing. I don't know what to do anymore. It's like this case is cursed or something. I don't want to end up exploded in my apartment. Nobody wants that. Haha. Anyway they found some green liquid flooding out of the toilet in his place. Their testing it at the lab and boy it looks nasty. Really nasty. Marshall was at his apartment. He says it smells like rotting eggs or some crap. Simon's calling me to discuss the case. Gotta go.

July 10th 2015 CIA agent Fionna Hunter

I still hear it's squelching behind me. Everywhere. I even here it now, poking at the door. I haven't slept for about 2 weeks. Or 6 days. I can't remember. If I rest he'll mess me up real bad. I'm surprised I haven't collapsed from exhaustion yet, maybe it's the constant fear of being slaughtered or the coffee. It's funny how laughter is in slaughter. Haha funny. Laughter. Slaughter. Simon's gone. It got Simon. I miss Simon. He was a funny guy. They found Jason's body yesterday. His parents had gone away for the weekend and when they found him he was rotting in their bath. Simon's calling me to discuss the case again. Gotta go.   

January 31st 2016 CIA agent Simon Jackson

It has been several months since Riley's death and i am freezing. The plauge have spead across the continent, Fionna's gone and we have lost just about all of our team to those entities! I could've stoped them, but no, I just had to do it. If Fionna's still alive somewhere, I hope she's safe. I hear whispers from all around me, saying stuff I can't even understand. I have seen images in my mind, images of dead team mates, mutalated and carved with creepy handwriting, I am close to losing my sanity and i'll probably be dead by the time the government receives this, if they receive this, but there's some thing i must tell you, they are all around us, feading on fear, feading on AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

May 1st 2036 the United Humanity Military and Intelligence (UHMI) leader Austin Wright

They're everywhere now, creatures of pure darkness. we should've listened, all those logs from Hunter and Jackson, now they've manged to take cities, create siesmic disruptions, all for their leader; The Old One. I have been seperated from my battaleon, the rest of my division is dead, I have found a cave, see you on the other side.

May 1st 2036 UHMI leader Austin Wright

They've found a way in ( not a shocker ) and i'm running low on rounds, wait, i see a way though, i see, AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

May 1st 2036 UHMI leader Austin Wright


Date and Author Unknown

It has been many milenia since the attack started and it was one of the most deadliest wars we have ever faced. Although we have just won the war, it may take some time to recover. I have sent a metalic orb back in time with instuctions of how to stop the apocalypes in the first place. If this were to fall into the wrong hands, a whole other war would occur, and all hope would be lost. That's all for now.

The orb was metalic silver and had red hyrogliphs scrawled all over it. It landed on Noah's front yard

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