Dork Queen!!! Edit

It was a beautiful morning for the fellow town people of Long Beach. Emmah was voted to be the one and only "Dork Queen". That's what they called her in drama class. Stacy was apart of it all. Basically Stacy was the most popular girl in school. Emmah would say "bown down to the best" sarcastically. "Hey, Barbara! Nice Hair-don't!" said Stacy. Of course she couldn't do anything , if she did there would be more hate.

Social Media Edit

"OMG! girls, the school banned the media sites!!!!" Stacy yelled. Xshea screamed so loud all the people can hear the Aren't kids not supposed to go onto social media, as there are innapropriate content?". She glared at me like she she was going to yank my life right out of me. although her mother my hated my mother was weird! then, i remembered it all... Oh... Girl...

Maybe we can probably find an alternate Facebook or something... There is already one called "Focebaak" Stacy said as he dabbed to the site

Forget The Past Edit

When i was 4 years old my mom told me a story and it went like this... "One day i was as little as you. There was a girl named Taylor she took my toys and calleb me mean names. You should always treat others with respect even if they're mean to you." That memory was over suddenly i was still in drama class. "Stacy , I'm sorry for everything mean i've done to you." i said . "why are you apologizing?" she said with a high pitched voice. "My Mum--Your Mum-- Fought and i just wanna restart this world...ok?" i cried

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