Once Upon a Time, There was a Fox named Melio which was oftenly hungry due to his genetics. The next day the fox went to the doctor to change his genetics, but then he was still hungry, so he get a batch of food and then the Melio fox went on a long adventure on a desert, he met a few people, they hopped on the Wagon and then the Fox named Melio helped them get to the villiage called the B9 Dog

He got hungry, so he went to the snack bar, but Uh Oh! You had to pay for snack, WHAT DO WE DO NOW! No big deal, he went to Animal Snacks and ripped the bag with his strong teeth and ate some food and lived happily ever after!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Even if you have to pay money to buy resources for your life, they can still be a person that can donate resources to a poor creature

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