Once upon a time in Food Village, there was an evil condiment called “the Dreadful Pickle-Relish,” who “relished” in executing schemes. The Food Villager police lusted to rid Rhode Island of this irritating condiment, but only two policemen, Officer Hugo and Detective Quinton, would volunteer to do so due to how frightening the Dreadful Pickle-Relish was. When they got to the Dreadful Pickle-Relish’s hideout, Detective Quinton snuck in through a window near the front-door. “Officer Hugo? Where are you?” he inquired in a soft whisper. “I’m right here.” replied Officer Hugo from the kitchen. “How’d you get in here?” inquired Detective Quinton. “Both the gate that leads to the backyard and the back-door were unlocked.” replied Officer Hugo. “Anyway, let’s focus on the task at hand.” he added as he walked towards the refrigerator. He opened it and took off the lid of the Dreadful Pickle-Relish’s jar. Suddenly, the Dreadful Pickle-Relish jumped into Officer Hugo’s face, thereby causing him to say, “Hmmm. Smells like cucumbers.” Detective Quinton grabbed the faucet-sprayer and exclaimed, “Hey, Dreadful Pickle-Relish!” This made the Dreadful Pickle-Relish stare at him. “I think that it’s time you were ‘cleansed of your naughtiness!’” exclaimed Detective Quinton as he turned the faucet on and sprayed the Dreadful Pickle-Relish, thereby causing him to fall into a bowl on the floor. “NO!!!” roared the Dreadful Pickle-Relish. “Thanks, Detective Quinton.” thanked Officer Hugo. “You’re welcome.” said Detective Quinton as he turned the faucet off and put the faucet-sprayer back. “Now we just need to figure out what we’re going to do with the Dreadful Pickle-Relish’s jar.” he explained as he picked up the Dreadful Pickle-Relish’s jar. “Could you please hand that to me?” inquired Officer Hugo. Detective Quinton handed the Dreadful Pickle-Relish’s jar to Officer Hugo, who thereupon thanked him for doing so. “Well, you’re welcome, Officer Hugo, but what are we going to do with the…” started Detective Quinton, who was interrupted by Officer Hugo throwing the Dreadful Pickle-Relish’s jar on then floor and smashing it. “…jar.” finished Detective Quinton, somewhat exasperatedly. Later, Detective Quinton and Officer Hugo incarcerated the Dreadful Pickle-Relish in the Condiment Prison and received medals for their bravery in defeating the evil condiment, whereupon they all lived happily ever after.

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