Born But Lost Edit

Maya was born first at December 31, 2000 11:59 Pm. Alaya was born on January 1, 2001 12:01 Am. They were up for adoption and an australian lady came and took Alaya to Australia . Maya cried herself to sleep everynight. Finally, someone came to take Maya. She had five brothers, Ethan, Jack, Max, Alex, And Rusty. Alaya Has Two sister's and brother's. Mia,Laya, Dante, Daniel.

5th Birthday Edit

Maya woke up with a smile on her face , and a frown because Ethan was jumping on her bed. "MOM!!! Ethan Is jumping on my BED!!!!" screamed Maya. Alaya woke up excited because tomorrow was her birthday!! Back to Maya... "Birthday Breakfast is served" said Maya's mother. "Pumpkin Pie!!! My favorite!!!" said Max. At Alaya's house.... "Saturday Special!!" said Alaya's mom. "Mom... I'm Not in the mood For Lamingtons" said Alaya. "Ok , But we're not having food until 5:00 pm" said Alaya's mom.

Meeting a coincidence Edit

Maya's mom took her to Austrailia because, she wanted to see her father ,Mr.Elton. "Wow. Let's got to a park!" Said Maya Enthusiasm. Every Saturday Alaya's family take a walk to the park. Alaya HATES saturday because she has to do chores. Alaya was right around the corner of the park. While Maya was about to leave. They say eachother, took a step back , and greeted eachother.

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