One summer day, Mario was walking along, minding his own business.

Suddenly, something happened! Mario’s hat came out of his head and grew eyes! ‘’Can’t catch me!’’ he called.

Mario was terrified. He was nothing without his hat! He desperately tried to catch it, but the hat flew just out of his reach, giggling. Mario gave up.

Soon, the hat came upon Minnie.

‘’What a lovely hat!’’ Minnie marveled. ‘’Let me try it on!’’

‘’That won’t happen,’’ the hat giggled. And with that, he flew away.

Minnie gasped with dread, but she knew she had to catch that hat! If she didn’t, the hat might get lost. So Minnie kicked up her heels and started running. She passed Mickey Park, and then came to the woods. But the hat was faster! It continued flying with great happiness.

Then the hat flew past Wubbzy.

‘’Wow, what a nice hat!’’ Wubbzy cried.

‘’I’m trying to catch it,’’ Minnie explained.

‘’I can help you!’’ Wubbzy said eagerly.

‘’You still can’t catch me,’’ said the hat with a giggle. And with that, he flew off.

Wubbzy started bouncing. Minnie raced alongside. Wubbzy even tried grabbing the hat, but apparently, it sensed what he was doing and then flew even higher! Wubbzy gave a sigh as he continued bouncing---would he and Minnie ever catch the hat?

Next, the hat came upon Yoshi.

‘’Stop!’’ Minnie cried. ‘’We want to catch you!’’

‘’I’ll help,’’ Yoshi offered.

Minnie and Wubbzy agreed to let Yoshi join them. But the hat, seeing more friends chasing him, quickly flew off again. Yoshi’s boots squeaked with every step.

Then the hat approached Pikachu.

‘’Wow, we’ll never catch that hat!’’ Wubbzy panted.

‘’It’s a lot of work,’’ Yoshi put in.

‘’You got that right,’’ Minnie agreed.

‘’Oh, I’ll join you!’’ Pikachu shouted.

So Pikachu started scurrying after the hat. ‘’You still can’t catch me!’’ the hat giggled. The others ran and bounced and clomped with all their might. Still, the hat flew ahead of the others. The chasers wondered how long this was going to take.

But when the hat flew over some quicksand, Minnie, Wubbzy, Yoshi, and Pikachu had to stop.

‘’Oh, no!’’ Minnie said with a gasp. ‘’How will we be able to catch up with the hat now?’’

‘’I have just the thing!’’ a voice said. It was Mickey, who was on a motorboat.

Minnie let out another gasp.


‘’Is that safe?’’ Minnie wondered.

‘’Hop in, quickly!’’ Mickey ordered.

So the friends obediently went in. The motorboat went through the quicksand as quick as a flash.

‘’Whew!’’ Minnie cried.

‘’I’m glad we didn’t sink in the quicksand,’’ Yoshi added.

‘’What are you doing?’’ Mickey asked.

‘’We’re trying to catch a hat!’’ Pikachu explained.

‘’It kept flying out of our reach,’’ Minnie added.

‘’So we were wondering…can you help us?’’ Yoshi asked.

‘’Of course!’’ Mickey smiled. ‘’Why not?’’

Just then, all of them heard a familiar giggle. The hat was heading farther and farther away from them! So the six of them started to race toward it.

Pretty soon, the hat was having the time of its life.

The hat heard the running, bouncing, the squeaking from Yoshi’s boots, and scurrying. But still, the hat giggled with glee. ‘’You still can’t catch me!’’ he cried. But the friends weren’t willing to give up. The hat flew on and on. And the friends still desperately tried to catch it.

‘’We’re going to catch you!’’ Mickey called after the hat.

‘’Oh, I don’t think so!’’ the hat yelled. And still, he flew.


Finally, Mario came up toward them, a stern frown on his face.

‘’What are you doing here?’’ Mario shouted. But when he saw his hat, he smiled with relief.

‘’My-a hat!’’ Mario exclaimed. ‘’I’ve-a been looking-a everywhere-a for this-a!’’

‘’I’m sorry, Mario,’’ the hat said. ‘’I promise I won’t fly off on you.’’

‘’That’s-a all right,’’ Mario replied. And finally, he got his hat back on, and the rest of the friends retreated into their homes.

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