Prologue Edit

"Harley" And "Jane" (A.K.A Harona Kasiki Janisi Kasiki) Were Born In Japan. There Parents Were Spies. Harona Was 8 When They Moved To America And Janisi Was 9. Harona And Janisi Were Hypnotized To Think There Name Was Harley And Jane. It's Been Five Years Since That Happend. Their Parents Would Tell Them They Were Spies When Janisi Is 15.

Chapter 1 : Home Sweet ...Japan! Edit

Honey, Me And Your Father Are Going On A Missi—Trip... To Japan Said Their Mother. "Oh...That's...Cool" said Jane. **Her Mother Glared At Her** "Japan....What Kind Of Place Is That?!?!" Said Harley. **Their Dad Came In** "We Better Leave Before We Miss The Plane. Your Cousin Ganuth Is Coming To Watch You...BYE!!!" screamed their mom.


Their Cousin, Ganuth Came Before They Went To bed. "Hey Anyone Home?" Said Ganuth. He wasn't that old only one year older than Jane. "Janisi. Harona. Nice To See Ya!" Said Ganuth not knowing that their parents were hiding a secret. "Janisi?" Said Jane. "Janisi is your name" Said Ganuth "My name is Jane" **Jane called her parents** "Are you keeping a secret , because apparently my name is Janisi!?!"

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