In a field in Adver City, Minnesota surround by a bunch of plants (Carrot Field, to be exact), there could be found a burrow where a rabbit lived. This particular rabbit was in his aforementioned burrow 1 day, minding his own business without being aware of the fact that Mr. Fitzgerald and his 2 assistants, Carlos and Phil, were right outside, looking for some “potato-gem holes.” “I think that I found a ‘potato-gem hole,’ boss.” said Carlos as he looked at The Rabbit’s burrow, which he mistook for a hole in which a farmer was planting his potato-gems. “Excellent! Bring out the grabber-arm!” said Mr. Fitzgerald. Phil obeyed and stuck a grabber-arm down The Rabbit’s burrow, but only to grab the rabbit instead of the “potato-gems.” “Hello. What are you doing?” inquired the latter as he wiggled out of the grabber-arm’s hold. “‘What am [I] doing?’ I’m taking the potato-gems out of the hole that you just came out of, as a matter of fact.” answered Mr. Fitzgerald as he pointed to the rabbit’s burrow. The Rabbit shook his head and said, “I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this isn’t a ‘potato-gem soil hole’ or whatever you call it; it’s my home. I think that there’s a real potato farm over in 2 Harbors. Goodbye.” Then, he hopped back into his burrow, leaving Mr. Fitzgerald and his 2 assistants flabbergasted with his ability to speak. “Is it just me, or did that rabbit just speak?” inquired Phil. “It’s okay, Phil; you’re not hallucinating.” said Carlos reassuringly. While his assistants were expressing their flabbergastation about The Rabbit’s ability to talk, Mr. Fitzgerald took some ibuprofen to cure the headache that he had just gotten and thereupon devised an idea to lure The Rabbit away from his burrow using the old “food-bait” gimmick. So, the villain placed a plate of lettuce (The Rabbit’s favorite food) in the middle of a net-trap about 50 footsteps away from the rabbit’s burrow. However, The Rabbit managed to step on the net, grab the lettuce, and hop back to his burrow without setting the trap off. Confusedly, Mr. Fitzgerald stepped onto the net to see what was wrong while Carlos and Phil watched from behind a rock. After a moment or so of having nothing happen, Mr. Fitzgerald said, “Well, what to do you know? I guess that it actually doesn’t work.” Suddenly, a porcupine hiding behind a rosebush fired its needles at the villain, who thereupon said painfully yet softly, “Ouch.” “Ooh! Yikes!” said Carlos and Phil sympathetically. While watching this from his burrow, The Rabbit said, “He must have to have a lot of injections to get that many needles.”

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